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Our Philosophy

Recognizing and fully rewarding the value of your service

Giving you the support to make child care your career

Providing prospective employees an easy start in this field

CCCS staffing firm is dedicated only to the child care field. CCCS places teachers at the perfect ​assignment each day, and is uniquely able to provide you with the child care assignments you want.

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The Value We Bring To Our Teachers


​CCCS provides temporary staff to child care centers, preschools and after school programs. At any given time we have immediate full-time and part-time positions available at all levels.

• ​Program Directors
• ​Teachers and Site Supervisors
• ​Assistant Teachers and Teacher’s Aides

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Benefits of
Working With CCCS

Job Flexibility

Jobs in your neighborhood, to your preferences.

Diverse Experience

Working with CCCS provides our teachers with exposure to different kinds of programs.

Flexible Schedule

As a teacher with CCCS you will be able to choose your schedule from week-to-week.

You're Incharge

We offer our teachers options for part-time or full-time assignments.

Referral bonuses

We offer a Bonus when you send a teacher you know our way. We're always looking for awesome Substitutes.

Career Counseling

Colorado is in a unique time to change or redirect your career in Early Childhood. Ask us how we can help you on your ECE path.


They say- To acquire knowledge, one must study; but to acquire wisdom, one must observe. We offer many free training opportunities


If you want to work in child care there is only one name you need you know. Apply now with one easy phone call or email.

Want to know more about us?

About CCCS


We Touch The Future: we provide an opportunity to build a meaningful and rewarding career working with and impacting the lives of young children.

  1. Our Unique Value

    We support teachers and aides who prefer a changing /diverse work environement and who are self-starters and do well managing themselves without constant direct supervision.

  2. Our Mission

    We Touch the Future by Showing Up Today

  3. Our Vision

    To be the biggest supporters of early childhood education and the people who believe in it most.


We will inspire, encourage, and support students by providing a safe, secure and loving enviroment to help cultivate healthy growth in children, shaping their lives and the communities that they live in for the better.

  • Reliability – We show up with dignity and respect

  • Happy – Our glass is always half full

  • Loving – We love & nurture children

  • Friendly – We follow the golden rule

  • Supportive – We’ve got your back

  • Leadership – We have the courage to shape a better future

Meet Out Staff!

Lauri McSherry

Operations Manager/President

Michelle Rusch

Hiring & Training Manager

Kim Rusch

Payroll & Center Liaison

Alexa Hill

Scheduling Manager


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    Heather, The Goddard School

    “You all are amazing! Thank you so much. I almost just cried from joy. I know it sounds crazy, but you legitimately made our day!!!”.

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    Lindsey, Primrose School of Ken Caryl

    “Thank you so much! We truly appreciate all the wonderful help you send us.”

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    ETC Substitute

    “You get to make your own hours and pick what days you can work. I am a Director/ECT sub and I could be busy 5 days a week if I wanted. I have worked here for quite a few months, and love seeing different centers, and learning different things daily. I get job offers weekly,, but the flexibility keeps me a sub.”

Frequently Asked Questions

CCCS follows state requirements to qualify its teachers. CCC Recruiters can give you further information during your interview. They will also go through your transcripts and point out those courses that will count as credits in this regard.

E.C.E. stands for Early Childhood Education. Certain courses offered by higher education institutions and community colleges focusing on early childhood development and education count as ECE units. A CCCS Recruiter can give you further information during your interview.

Unfortunately, this is not possible. When you go on an assignment, you are expected to devote your full attention to your job. There are usually resources in your community that you can leverage for arranging child care for your child. If you are placed at a school long term, the school might offer this benefit as part of their total employment offer.

CCCS is a full-service staffing agency. CCCS works on fulfilling assignments, as requested by our customers. Hence, CCCS cannot guarantee a certain number of hours, as this is dependent on the mix of assignments and, equally importantly, on your availability and flexibility in terms of accepting assignments. During your hiring interview, your CCCS Recruiter will note your preferences in this regard and will make reasonable efforts to accommodate these. However, you should understand that there may be periods during the week when there are no suitable assignments and you would not be working. The more flexibility you can show regarding your travel radius, the higher your chances will be of getting continuous assignments.

One of the important advantages CCCS offers is to successfully accommodate a variety of schedules. If you need to or want to work only part–time or intermittently or certain hours only, CCCS will direct assignments to you that work within those constraints. You also need to realize, however, that if your restrictions are severe, it will reduce the likelihood of finding suitable assignments for you.

Yes, you can. When an assignment comes up, a CCCS Placement Coordinator will give you the address of the facility and directions on how to get there. You need to find out how you can get to the facility via public transportation. In such instances, you may need to allow for a longer commute time to the assignment. CCCS does not pay employees for commute time.

CCCS has a broad service area. Therefore, chances of finding assignments close to where you live are good. However, you can also maximize your chances of having assignments by showing flexibility in the distance you are willing to travel for an assignment.

No, you do not pay any fees to CCCS for applying. However, in the course of satisfying state requirements making you eligible for work, there are certain fees that you will need to pay to State agencies and medical institutions. Your local CCCS Recruiter can give you precise information about these fees.

You should bring to your first meeting with your CCCS Recruiter a valid picture I.D., your Social Security card, your resume, and relevant school transcripts, showing course work taken in the education and child care (E.C.E.) field, letters of experience and professional references.

CCC cannot provide any guarantees in this regard. However, our experience has been such that, once you are eligible for work and have completed the hiring process, CCCS can typically find an assignment for you within a day or, sometimes, that same day.

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